If you are like me, you usually begrudge cleaning as a necessary chore that takes away time from doing other fun things. But, like me, you probably feel much healthier, happier and calmer when your home is clean and tidy. That’s why, when I had the chance to partner with Sabco to try out some of their innovative new home cleaning products and create a DIY Home Cleaning Kit, I was happily surprised to learn that I could save so much time and energy just by having the right tools in my cleaning toolkit. Not only that, but by using the right products for the right cleaning job, you can also save money on detergents, disposable wipes, and premade solutions because you need so much less, and can substitute with natural alternatives such as bi-carb soda and vinegar.

10 home cleaning kit essentials

To get started, it’s a great idea to put a DIY home cleaning kit together, so that you can have everything you need at your fingertips to make cleaning a breeze. And, it will mean that everything is in the same basket that you can bring from room to room, to help you be more efficient. As a busy working mum, anything that helps me spend less time cleaning and more time living is a huge win in my house!

10 Home Cleaning Kit Essentials and How to Keep a Clean Home


Here are my top ten must-have DIY home cleaning kit essentials that will save you time and money:


Whether you choose to make your own or use shop bought cleaners, one thing is certain, you need different solutions to do different jobs. The basic line-up to have in your cleaning kit includes:

  • All purpose cleaner
  • Disinfectant
  • Glass cleaner
  • Shower & tile cleaner
  • Floor cleaner

I love to use the Sabco 3-in-1 Spray Squeegee for all my glass and window cleaning jobs. It has an integrated microfibre cloth and squeegee built right in to the spray bottle! You simply spray, wash and dry with the compact all in one design, to get sparkling clean windows. Such a handy little innovation that combines three tools into one, that makes cleaning my windows, mirrors and bathroom glass screens a breeze. Get it here.

Cute animated GIF of the sponge mopping up some spilt orange juice - whoops!


One of the key items in my DIY home cleaning kit is the Sabco Absorbi-Clean Chamois Sponge. Just this morning, I had an emergency milk spill on one of my fridge shelves. I whipped out my trusty absorbent sponge and quick as a wink, the spill was soaked up by this thirsty blue guy. Obviously, not all sponges are made the same. This super absorbent sponge is a handy little must have for any home cleaning kit. Get one here.

This sponge soaks up 6x it's weight in liquid!


These Sabco All-Purpose Microfibre Cloths are so good for any cleaning job, big or small. 100% microfibre is essential for all household surface cleaning, and they work especially well to attract dust. (Just make sure to never wash them with fabric softener.)


This Sabco Dusting Glove is seriously the best (and funniest!) invention for cleaning oddly-shaped things, such as salt-lamps, Buddha statues, ornaments, and for grabbing the dust around awkward crevices such as in between book shelves, and between Venetian shutter blinds. It’s the perfect tool for all the tricky-to-dust objects and surfaces around your home. The glove shape gives you full control to dust anything you can touch. I love it! Get yours here.

Put together a DIY home cleaning kit with all these must-have essentials. You will save so much time and energy by having all the tools in the right place!


Using a toothbrush is really handy for spot cleaning, for getting into grooves or for scrubbing hard to reach areas. Any brand will do, they all work just as well.


For your essential home cleaning kit, you will need at least 2 pairs. One pair of heavy duty lined rubber gloves is to be used for toilets only, while the other pair is for all other cleaning tasks. I personally like to have 3 pairs in all different colours, so I have one pair for kitchen and other spaces (e.g. pink), one pair for the bathroom (e.g. yellow), and one pair to only be used to clean the toilet (e.g. blue). Whatever you do, don’t mix them up!


Having a pair of cotton gloves is a great idea for handling delicate items. They are also useful for handling items that easily get fingerprinted, or are affected by the oils and moisture on your hands, such as glass decor, or salt lamps.

Put together this handy DIY home cleaning kit with all the essentials in the one place! Helps you to keep a cleaner, tidier, happier home.


A traditional dustpan and brush set is great but the Sabco Long Handled Dustpan Set is even better! It’s an Aussie favourite for easy, no-bend cleanups. Because really, who wants to be down on their hands and knees sweeping? Not me! Get this clever little invention right here.


My husband loves the Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop for quick clean-ups in the kitchen! Forget lugging around a heavy bucket, because this clever mop with a built-in spray dispenser for your favourite floor cleaner is always ready to use, and completely hassle free! Get yours here.


Obviously, you need a sturdy, decent-sized basket to keep your DIY home cleaning kit together in the one place. I find the best cleaning baskets to be a plastic shopping basket style (rather than a small caddy), since they have a flat base, can carry a fair bit of weight from your collection of spray bottles, and have strong handles.

What do you think of this list of my top 10 home cleaning kit essentials? Are you missing any items from your home cleaning kit?

In addition to the DIY home cleaning kit, I’ve also put together a handy home cleaning checklist (below), inspired by Sabco and in the spirit of easily keeping a fresh, clean and tidy home. Don’t forget to pin it to save it for later!

how to keep a clean home infographic



  • wash dishes and wipe kitchen sink
  • wipe down all countertops
  • take out the rubbish and recycling
  • wash and hang one load of laundry


  • wipe down kitchen appliances
  • clean toilets, bathtub, shower and sinks
  • polish the mirrors
  • dusting from top to bottom
  • change the bed linen
  • vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstery
  • sweep and mop the floors
  • fold and put away the laundry
  • do any hand washing


  • clean inside the oven and microwave
  • wipe down the inside of the fridge
  • clean the inside of bathroom cabinets
  • clean the lights, wipe switches and doorknobs
  • vacuum the skirting boards and vents
  • disinfect the garbage bins


  • clean the pantry, checking for expired items
  • clean the fridge, checking for expired items
  • clean the inside of kitchen cabinets
  • wash doona covers, throw pillows and blankets
  • wash the windows and curtains / blinds
  • sort wardrobe for items to clean / donate / repair

So, are you inspired now to achieve a sparkling clean home with Sabco? I know that I sure am!

Happy housekeeping!

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How to keep a clean home - handy planner and list. Cleaning tips, hacks, and ideas. Brought to you by Sabco. #Sabco #KeepItClean

Sabco thirsty sponge for streak-free cleaning up of emergency spills!

Gather everything you need with this DIY Home Cleaning kit essentials guide.

Emergency spill? Don't worry, this Sabco chamois sponge has got you covered. #KeepItClean

This thirsty Sabco sponge soaks up all my accidental spills - whoops! From flower vases, to milk, wine and orange juice spills - Sabco's got it covered.



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