DIY branch coat rack - wooden coat rack from a branch! #product_design #furniture_design

Wow! This DIY branch coat rack is an incredible example of repurposing/recycling a natural object for a stunning effect in the home that’s also a really useful piece of furniture design!

The designers have taken a natural branch of the right height and strength to create a floor-to-ceiling coat hanger and bag holder for the home entrance. They have painted the branches white to match the walls, which emphasizes the shape and shadow effects. I would love to have this branch coat rack at my front door!

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By the way – have you seen the branch coat rack below? It’s made from recycled mangosteen wood and is a great idea for those looking for the above effect but with something a little less permanent (helloooo, renters like me!). You can buy it here and here.

Branch coat rack // wood coat hanger entryway organizer #furniture_design #product_design

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14 comments on “Awesome DIY Inspiration: Branch coat rack”

  1. Ok so this inspired me and and my husband to do this in my boutique to add character! One question, I’ve cut and painted them but what’s the best way to secure it to the floor and ceiling? I will hang scarfs on it!

    • That is such a wonderful idea! Hanging scarves would be great since they are not too heavy (unlike bags). I’m actually not sure 100% sure about that question, but it seems that the top and the bottom of the branches fit quite flush to the floor and ceiling surfaces, and then I imagine they would be nailed or screwed in place, with the resulting holes later covered up with a bit of putty and paint. Good luck!

  2. the one that’s being sold is attached to a rectangular wood base, why not try that, just attach the branch from underneath with screws, If you want it to hold heavier items, try a vase that complements the branch with cement add the branch to the wet cement and lit dry. The shape of the base/vase will determine how much weight the stand will take before toppling over.

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