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I’m in awe that something as simple as cement cinder blocks combined with wooden lumber slats (and the addition of some fun homemade cushions) can be put together to create a piece of furniture so simple yet so visually effective – and it looks really comfortable to sit on, too!

DIY concrete block bench seating | furniture design | awesome DIY inspiration

Make sure to click here for the full DIY instructions! You can also find out more information about the original DIY cement block bench project inspiration here and here.

Have you found that often the most simple ideas can be the most effective? What other outdoor DIY projects do you like? I just love this cement block seating!

Via Design Crush.

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3 comments on “Awesome DIY Inspiration: DIY Cement Block Bench”

  1. I didn’t have any idea before reading this post that a furniture could be made from just cement blocks. It looks colorful, classy and comfy. I would love have it at my outdoor.

    • I know right?! That’s why this design is so surprising – it ticks all the boxes, yet is easy enough to make!

  2. This conception is very beautiful and attractive. You didn’t mention any constructional details. Based on photographs, this seems to very beautiful, but could not be reliable, robust, and long-lasting. Until unless cement blocks are taken down and cemented to gather, secondly wooden planks should heave binding with blocks and also with each other. Otherwise we could say please use this bench carefully. The last point is how could we use normal cushions outdoors. Cushions build using the outdoor environment friendly materials will just work.

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