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Awesome Products: Holiday Gift Guide – 37 Christmas Gifts You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until Now

*This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I genuinely love the products I’m about to show you in this post – and I’m sure you will too! All words and opinions are my own.

Can you believe there’s only six weeks until Christmas! I don’t feel ready for the onslaught of eating, drinking and merry-making, since it feels like we only just emerged from Halloween. But one thing I like to get sorted by the end of November is my Christmas shopping. Call me super-organised or call me silly, but personally I just find the pre-Christmas rush in the mall makes my pulse weak and gives me a pulsing migraine. One remedy to the mall crazies is to start ordering online now, curled up on my couch with a giant cup of my favorite tea, clutching my iPad in one hand and Visa debit card in the other, and let the postman deliver the goodies straight to my door! Check!

During my online travels searching for the perfect Christmas gift I got so excited by some of the things I found on Modcloth that I just HAD to put together my favorite selection from their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! I hope you find something perfect for you or your loved ones.

1. Lego kitchen utensils! Get them here.

2. Elements salt and pepper shaker set. Get them here.

3. Polaroid camera toilet tissue holder! Get it here.

4. Soapy bath tub cotton ball holder – I love this! Get it here.

5. Waffle ceramic ice cream cone set. These are my favorite because they are 100% gluten free so they are the only cones I can… have. Get them here.

6. How about a shark sleeping bag? Hilarious! Get it here.

7. A cute fungi mushroom house backpack – I could see my little one just loving this! See more photos here.

8. Don’t just give any ordinary socks – these pencil socks are a great gift for your designer, teacher or artist friend! You can check them out here.

9. These skull bicycle lights are perfect for a hipster bike rider. Safety plus street style? Tick. Get them here.

10. A kitty purse for the cat lover in your life. Get it here.

11. Snugly S’mores heated USB foot-warmer slippers, for those who like novelty and toasty toes on cold winter evenings. This is the perfect Northern Hemisphere gift! Those of us in Australia will have to wait until May-June to open the box. You know you want a pair for yourself. Get them here.

12. An incredible surreal Salvador Dali table clock. For the resident surrealist in your house. Love it, want it, need it? Right here.

13. A galaxy night light is a must for dark corridors or for comforting little ones with the soft glow of the stars. So beautiful – you can buy it here before they all sell out!

14. How cute is this? A panda teapot and tea cup set! See it right here.

15. And even cuter yet – an animal paw print mug. You can get yours here!

16. For the owl lover – some cute owl shower curtain rings. Check them out here.

17. I have absolutely no idea why I like this so much. I keep seeing dinosaurs as a design theme everywhere. T-Rex dinosaur snack plate – get it here now before it is sold out!

18. USB message in a bottle! This is so much fun! Get yours here.

19. Pizza plates – what a great idea for the pizza lover. Love the fun design! You’ll find them right here.

20. Mini Mason jar shot glasses take a cheeky stab at the current design trend for Mason jar everything. Get the set here.

21. A cupcake scarf – this cute-enough-to-eat gift was handpicked by the girls at A Beautiful Mess. See it here.

22. This moon floor rug makes an incredible statement piece for a lover of space. Details here.

23. Tetris sandwich cutter! I need this in my life and so does everyone else! Right here.

24. Make skull eggs in the morning with this hilarious egg mold! Buy yours here.

25. This tree owl toothbrush holder is a twist on the boring old cup design with four holes in the lid – and you can pretty much guarantee the lucky recipient won’t have one already. From here.

26. Flower closet scarf hanger – rather than giving another scarf, give the gift of organisation. Buy it here.

27. Another scarf holder – this one looks like a dress when filled. Very clever design here!

28. Acrobats on a wire clothes pin set. This would make my mother’s (washing) day! Get the whole circus troop here.

29. I actually already own this little dude and I love him so much! Such a fun way to enjoy loose leaf tea. I already know a friend who wants one too! One of my favorite of all the gifts in this holiday gift guide, the Mana-tea infuser can be found here.

30. “Snug as a mug” is a mug with a sweater! How fun (and practical) – like a cozy, it actually keeps your tea warmer for much longer in winter. Get yours here.

31. Woodland creatures night lights. I know my little one would love one of these. Found here.

32. I love this green grass pot – which is actually pen and stationary holder desktop organizer – great for the office! Buy it here.

33. A cute fox mug – for foxy lovers or lovers of foxes. Get it here.

34. A Random Crap bag – for the person who has everything. Would that be me? Um… Yeah… I’m afraid I need a Random Crap bag in my life! Get yours here – hilarious!

35. Stunningly bohemian ombre candlesticks. One of each of them is on my Christmas wishlist. These are especially from a collection curated by Justina Blakeney! Nice – buy them here.

36. I’m such a fan of beautiful ceramics. The ruffle-edge design of this raised dessert stand would make a gorgeous gift for the baker in the family. From the OhJoy! curated collection, you can get one – or several – right here.

37. Finally – one for me! I have been lusting over this lovely little mushroom sugar bowl for a few months. You can buy it for me here. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge… Kidding!

And… that concludes my selection from the Modcloth 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. I have tried to select the most clever, brilliant and awesome Christmas gifts for you here. Phew! I hope you enjoyed what I found and wish you all the best of luck with your Christmas shopping without the crowds or craziness. Maybe you even found a few gift ideas for somebody special from the selection above? Please let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to save your favorites by pinning them on Pinterest (of course!)