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There is a new site that will anonymously send your enemies glitter in the mail!

Covered by every major news channel around the globe, a new product has taken the world by (glittery) storm within the space of a few days. The ultimate tool for revenge and trolling, you can now anonymously send your foes an envelope filled with glitter, and according to Ship Your Enemies Glitter, your unlucky recipient will be “finding that shit everywhere for weeks.”

According to the website founder Mat Carpenter (who also writes the Sofa Moolah blog), glitter is “the herpes of the craft world” and “that shit gets everywhere”. There is something equal parts delightful and evil about the whole creative concept, not to mention, the copy is brilliant, which is why it has captured the imagination of the entire world in just a few days. We all have enemies, and we all have a love-hate relationship with glitter. And we all know at least one person who deserves some beautifully spiteful, infuriatingly annoying, yet mostly harmless revenge – that we could dish out without being found out. This business concept has completely and utterly nailed it.

After receiving orders in the thousands and making revenue well over AUD $20,000 and counting, the 22-year-old Aussie entrepreneur and creative genius behind the website was forced to stop taking orders, since it was just meant to be a joke and a side project that he was messing around with while still on holidays. To give you an idea of the speed that the website went viral, the domain name was only registered on 31st December 2014 and is now set to be sold for over USD $70,000 a mere 3 weeks later.

Since glitter mail sales have been paused on the Ship Your Enemies Glitter site and the business is now up sale on Flippa, one competitor website (among many) has sprung up to the challenge of sending glittery hate mail. You can actually send your enemies glitter here.

UPDATE: The website sold for USD $85,000. Not a bad way to make a year’s salary in less than a month. That’s like winning the internet lottery!

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