UPDATE: You can now buy the Cloud Concrete Toilet Roll Holder at Gessato!

The minute I saw this design, I was mesmerized. Yes… over a cloud concrete toilet roll holder. The Cloud is a wall mounted storage shelf that has cumulus cloud-shaped scallops that perfectly fit toilet paper rolls. Consumable bathroom supplies normally taking up space in storage can now be displayed with this design.

Concrete cloud-shaped toilet roll holder! Amazing! #product_design

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Part of a series of concrete products by Frenchmen Bertrand Jayr and Lyon Béton, this functional sculpture turns an extremely ordinary and let’s face it, rather ugly, product into something that is beautiful… and it can hold many, many rolls!

Buy it here:

LARGE Cloud Concrete Toilet Paper Storage

SMALL Cloud Concrete Toilet Paper Storage

Concrete cloud shaped toilet paper holder! Amazing! #product_design

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  1. How about upgrading your family’s health to using bidet sprayer technology and do away with the problem of storing large amounts of toilet paper for good? Your family will be immensely grateful that you were so forward thinking for the rest of their days, and the environment would benefit immeasurably also.

    • Some people (98% probably) including visitors to ones home who might be slightly freaked out by the lack/of bog roll / their needing to ask you for some or a lesson is using your high tech ethically approved backside washer. I’m sure the last thing they’ll be pleased about I’d the environment when they can’t find any toilet paper.

  2. Awesome ideas! Very simple and comfortable to look at, and the most important is that it saves the room!!! I do wish i can get one of this too. Do you think can get one of this in China?

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