Custom 2-in-1 fish tank / dog kennel - incredible! #product_design

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This custom 2-in-1 fish tank / dog kennel is simply insane! Apparently, the story goes that the photographer went to their local vet clinic to drop off their dog for surgery and was surprised to see this awesome fish tank dog house. This is a great example of the designer combining two unrelated products in an unexpected way to create something new and eye opening. Nailed it!

Have you seen any pet products lately that have blown your mind?

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      • It’s at Park Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. Animal Planet’s show Tanked custom built the fresh water aquarium. The practice owner and head doctor Dominic Cacioppo DVM is an exotic veterinarian who sees all birds, reptiles, fish, amphibian, small mammals, and even cats and dogs.

        • Thank you for that wonderful information! So people can now pop in and see this great fish tank in real life. 🙂

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