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Awesome Products: Lego kitchen utensil holder

This is a fun way to display your pesky collection of spoons, spatulas and other bits and bobs – a Lego kitchen utensil holder! You can easily build it using leftover pieces that might otherwise be floating around on the floor, digging into your feet and getting stuck up the vacuum hose – (am I right?)…

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Go on – get your Lego stash here so you can get busy building! I think I know what my next easy DIY project is. And, if you get bored of a small project like this… you could always build a whole kitchen bench like this family did!

Here’s a close up view of the Lego kitchen bench as viewed from the top – isn’t it incredible?

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Also – by the way, have you seen these awesome DIY Lego party favor bags?

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PS. This is the best DIY Lego idea ever… Product Hacks : Lego men to hold your cables