Saint Petersburg-based designer Natalia Rumyantseva created the Cosmos Bed as a way of letting you take the starry night sky home #product_design

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Imagine taking the starry night sky home to bed with you! Natalia Rumyantseva, a designer from Saint Petersburg, has created a futuristic, egg-shaped sleeping pod called the Cosmos Bed. This amazingly beautiful cocoon-style bed would have you counting stars and falling blissfully asleep in no time. It brings the beauty of the outdoors in, without any nuisances, such as pesky mosquitoes!

The Cosmos Bed not only features a twinkling star light array on the roof of the pod, but also has a built-in audio system that can play either white noise or your favorite tunes, an alarm clock, and an aromatherapy dispenser to release relaxing scents.

I just remember the delight I had as a child, decorating my ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars. I would love the cosmic galaxy effect as I turned out the main lights every evening. This Cosmos Bed is like the adult version of that, only a million times better!

Would you sleep in this super high-tech Cosmos Bed? I think I happily would!

Via FastCo Design

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