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Awesome RGB-Hex-Decimal-CMYK Color Conversion Tool | Online Color Converter

As a design creative, this would have to be one of the most useful online color converter tools I have ever come across, so I’m really excited to be able to share this one with you here on the blog! If you are also a blogger, graphic designer, logo designer, website designer, product designer (and more!) I think you will also appreciate how easy it is to quickly convert different color codes between CMYK, RGB, Hex or Decimal colour, so that you can easily keep a consistent brand identity and colour story across all platforms such as print, web, screen and physical product.

The reason I was looking for such a tool online is that I was in the process of mixing up a custom colour palette in Photoshop for a logo design. I wanted to recreate the exact colours I had been working with into a design I was modifying on Canva, for some social media (Instagram) content. Unfortunately, the colours I had originally mixed up were in CMYK format, but to choose a specific custom colour from the Canva selector, I needed to convert that CMYK value into the format more commonly used for web applications, that is, hexadecimal colour.

Convert RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color model into CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK), Hexadecimal, Decimal color models and vice versa. Online color conversion tool.

The helpful little online color converter below can assist you to:

I hope you find this online color conversion tool as useful as I did!

BONUS: Want a free Hex Colour Chart which shows you all the hex codes and their accompanying colours in full visual format? This expanded color chart will help you to design your next web page, or on-brand Canva graphic, colour scheme, or social media post!