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Awesome Products: Incredible 2-in-1 fish tank dog house

Custom 2-in-1 fish tank / dog kennel - incredible! #product_design

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This custom 2-in-1 fish tank / dog kennel is simply insane! Apparently, the story goes that the photographer went to their local vet clinic to drop off their dog for surgery and was surprised to see this awesome fish tank dog house. This is a great example of the designer combining two unrelated products in an unexpected way to create something new and eye opening. Nailed it!

Have you seen any pet products lately that have blown your mind?

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Awesome Products: A stair slide that converts your staircase into a slippery dip

Need this in my house! A stair slide that converts your staircase into a slippery dip! #product_design

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There are awesome products and there are AWESOME products. This stair slide is definitely the latter.

According to Quirky, the online community that helps get inventor ideas off the ground and into production, the SlideRider can turn almost any staircase into a slide! Simply unfold the padded base to cover your stairs, assemble the safety bumpers, and away you go! SlideRider features a weighted top and grippy bottom to keep everything securely in place and a cushioned bottom pad for a soft landing. When you’re done, fold it up with the included storage strap, and tuck it away for the next rainy day.

– Built-in handles make it easy to carry
– Safety bumpers fold out and velcro securely into place
– Weighted top acts as an anchor to keep slide in place
– Anti-slip rubber grip
– Soft foam pad for a safe and cushioned landing
– Slide folds up into base and is held in place with a storage strap

– Foam
– Rubber
– Vinyl

You know that an idea has truly captured the public’s imagination when it has gotten viral coverage from the likes of the Daily Mail, Boing Boing, Cnet, Gizmodo, Incredible Things, The Awesomer, and BuzzFeed. I think what is most appealing about this idea is that it directly targets people’s sense of childhood nostalgia. Even though the expected customer might be children, the reality is that the people handing over the money would be adults wishing they were children again.

Sadly, this amazing invention is not in production yet. The SlideRider is still at the prototype stage. You can follow along with the product development process here.

In all seriousness, my guess is that this stair slide would be fairly expensive to produce since it is such a bulky item, and like any product aimed at children such as trampolines and swing sets, there are quite some safety issues to be raised. Snap – back to reality in the world of product design. Regardless, I want this stair slide at my house!

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Awesome Products: A tropical beach swing over the sea

An ocean swing!

I want to be right here, right now. Anyone else with me on this? Ok, so it was 37 degrees in Sydney today, and yes, I did go to the beach this afternoon for a luscious saltwater dip. But… it certainly didn’t have a swing over the sea!

Do you know where this amazing place is so I can add it to my bucket list? I think an ocean swing is a marvelously awesome invention!

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PS. Is this your picture? Please let me know and I’ll credit it!

Awesome Products: Holiday Gift Guide – 37 Christmas Gifts You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until Now

*This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I genuinely love the products I’m about to show you in this post – and I’m sure you will too! All words and opinions are my own.

37 AWESOME Christmas Gifts you didn't know you wanted 'til now! #product_design


Awesome Products: Every KitchenAid Mixer Attachment and What They Do

Every KitchenAid Mixer Attachment  & What They Do #product_design

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This product infographic that explains every KitchenAid Mixer attachment and what they do is one of the best I have ever seen. I had no idea this fantastic kitchen product was so versatile! After seeing this, I am definitely tempted to get myself a KitchenAid – the problem will be deciding which colour!

UPDATE: I found the source of the original infographic! You can find it here.

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Awesome Products: Pixel Waffle Maker lets you customize a message

Awesome Products: The Pixel Waffle Maker #product_design

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How clever is this? A Pixel Waffle Maker that allows you to create your own designs, letters and messages on your waffles by pushing down individual “pixels”. Great for personalizing breakfasts and desserts, its a throw back to the 8-bit graphics of the past. The waffle maker features an easy-to-clean 9 x 9 pixel silicone tray which you can customize to your heart’s content – as much as is possible with such a low-res canvas. But I honestly wonder who won’t simply push all the pixels down for maximum syrup storage!

You can follow along with the product development, check out the latest photos, and see if this awesome concept will make it to market soon! I certainly hope so.

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Awesome Products: The Sexy iPhone 6 design

iPhone 6 #product_design #industrial_design

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Excuse me for a moment while I present to you – this.

Look at those sexy curves, that slim body, that rose gold glow of the latest iPhone 6 design.

Who would have thought a piece of electronics could cause such lust?

But there you go – it is every product designer and industrial designer’s dream to create a product that is so desirable on so many levels that it is no longer just about the physical product that you hold in your hand but about the whole experience, from the out-of-box, to the surprise and delight discovered when in use.

Buy it for a good price here.

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Awesome Products : Cutlery covers perfect for your purse

Have you ever wanted to eat lunch on the go and hygienically carry your cutlery? Usually a packed lunch is fine on the way there, its just that after you eat, there’s nowhere to keep the dirty spoon, fork and knife. Here is an awesome product design idea I stumbled across on Pinterest recently – cutlery covers, so perfect for your purse!

Cutlery covers | perfect for your purse! Awesome! #product_design

I couldn’t find the link to the original product – can anybody help me out to find the source?

If I can find out where to buy these, I’ll take three, thanks!

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