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Awesome Products : A garden fork stool

Awesome Products: A Garden Fork Stool!


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I just stumbled upon this clever chair on Pinterest – thanks Richelle Plett for the tip! This is such a genius idea for avid gardeners – its a garden fork with a built in seat that becomes a very handy and stable stool. You can stake it anywhere you need to sit in the garden – or even use it to dig up the garden when you’re not resting! If anybody can tell me the original source or designer of this amazing product, I’d be incredibly grateful. This is a great example of combining two products into one to create a fantastic new product idea, a garden fork stool! Now – does anybody know where I can buy one?

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Awesome Products : Couch monster

I think I need a couch monster!

I think I need a couch monster!

This cute little guy AKA the “Beast Pillow” is handmade in Los Angeles by designer Debi van Zyl.

I can totally imagine coming home to him sitting on my couch, bed or chair. I would tell him my secrets, and he would keep them. My daughter would cuddle him and drag him across the living room floor, and my husband would use him as a pillow and fall asleep on him! We would try not to sit on top of him – but it might happen. Hopefully he wouldn’t be offended!

Each beast is made to order – and takes 2-3 weeks to produce. He’s a rather popular fellow, and you can get him right here.

I want one, now!

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