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Awesome Products : Optimist / Pessimist wine glass

Optimist / Pessimist Wine Glass | via A Designer Life

Is the glass half empty or half full? If you’re the Optimist, it’s half full. If you’re the Pessimist, it’s half empty.

The Realist explains that it all depends on if you only filled the glass up to half way, or if filled it to the top and then and drank half.

While they all were arguing… the Opportunist drank it all!

And me? I’m the Engineer who says – the glass is twice as big as it needs to be!


Whoever you are, this wine glass set will be the talking point of your next dinner party.

You can buy them over at Amazon.

x Jess

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Awesome Products : Monkey Kit iPad holder

Monkey Kit Tablet Holder

Anyone else get a sore neck or wrist from using the iPad in bed? I know I do!

I think I may have just discovered the perfect product for exactly this problem.

It’s called the Monkey Kit: Flexible Tablet Positioning System – and it looks just like a Monkey Tail. This product was successfully funded on Kickstarter in February of this year and now you can buy it here. Definitely on my wishlist… it’s the perfect product for a lazy bones like me who takes my technology to bed. But I can see how this product would be very useful elsewhere as well, like at the gym, in the kitchen, out and about, or hanging off the back of the passenger car seat to keep the kids occupied in the back.

Awesome Products : Half sized dinnerware that makes you eat less

HALVED Dinnerware via A Designer Life

Three designers in Jakarta, Indonesia, have teamed up to create HALVED, a cheeky dinnerware set aimed at wannabe dieters. Ironically, the team had the idea for their design over dinner, in their words “We love our food. But we’re constantly being told that to stay healthy, we should be cutting down on our portions… So we thought, why not just half the plate?”

While this dieting technique is not certified by experts or nutritionists, it certainly is a conversation starter! And hopefully, it might help you to shed those extra pounds, if not through smaller portions, than certainly through awareness of portion control.

Images via Kickstarter.

Awesome Products : The most amazing convertible furniture. Ever.

Resource Furniture Convertible Sofa to Bunk Bed - AWESOME! #product_design

Images via Clei UK

I just watched the most mind-blowing videos about a company called Resource Furniture who design convertible furniture that offer ground-breaking space-saving solutions for those of us who live in smaller spaces. One such design is the unassuming sofa that you see above that, seemingly like magic, converts to a bunk bed in just two seconds! Genius!

I have a real passion for convertible products, having designed both a convertible foam sofa bed and a folding motorcycle helmet myself.

See both the Resource Furniture films (made by Core77) below:

Now… How cool is that?!