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10 Must-Have DIY Home Cleaning Kit Essentials

If you are like me, you usually begrudge cleaning as a necessary chore that takes away time from doing other fun things. But, like me, you probably feel much healthier, happier and calmer when your home is clean and tidy. That’s why, when I had the chance to partner with Sabco to try out some of their innovative new home cleaning products and create a DIY Home Cleaning Kit, I was happily surprised to learn that I could save so much time and energy just by having the right tools in my cleaning toolkit. Not only that, but by using the right products for the right cleaning job, you can also save money on detergents, disposable wipes, and premade solutions because you need so much less, and can substitute with natural alternatives such as bi-carb soda and vinegar.

10 home cleaning kit essentials


DIY Inspiration: How to make rainbow ombre nails

How fun are these rainbow ombre nails? To celebrate the release of Puzzle Wiz, a brand new colour matching game for iPhone and Android, I decided to get my nails done in these delicious shades of red, yellow and blue – just like the tiles on the Puzzle Wiz game. You can easily recreate this Pinterest-perfect look yourself, and you can download the game for free here.

Super fun rainbow ombre nails inspired by Puzzle Wiz colour match game - download now for FREE on iPhone or Android:


Awesome DIY Inspiration: Hanging whisk tea light candle holder votive

Want to know how to make a whisk tea light candle holder? Here’s a fun DIY idea that will take you less than 5 minutes to put together, for maximum visual impact! I made these DIY whisk tea light candle holder votives in collaboration with HelloSociety, as party or wedding inspiration, to celebrate the release of The Hundred Foot Journey movie, and to promote the film all across Pinterest! Not surprisingly, this little project was a huge hit, being the most pinned, most re-pinned, most liked, and most clicked-on pin for any campaign so far!

DIY hanging whisk tea light candle holder votive


DIY inspiration: Signage with one picture & multiple frames

I love this idea!! So clever, one picture, multiple frames... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 #product_design

Images via

I love this idea!! So clever, one picture & multiple frames… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 for each building floor. This signage for the home for the elderly in Hottingen, Zurich was esigned by Tina Koyama – Stäheli in collaboration with Aline Dallo, Julia Kind, and Kathrin Urban. You can see the project and read the design team’s rationale over on Behance.

I think this way finding signage design is simple, yet utterly brilliant. It makes art out of something usually considered boring, without losing the overall usability. The use of picture frames creates a homely, comforting impression but the number “jumping” from frame to frame creates surprise and visual interest.

This idea has given me some DIY inspiration – I’d like to try in with a monogram letter for my daughter’s room one day. To make it yourself, first buy some matching frames in various sizes, and lay out the design on a big piece of paper. You could either take a giant print out of one letter, or number, and cut it up, spreading it over multiple frames (the low-tech way). Or you could use InDesign or Photoshop to plan out where you will place the number over your layout, and print each piece individually (the high-tech way). You could try this idea with letters, or numbers, or even a big photograph!

I wish I could personally congratulate the design team on their brilliant design.

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Awesome DIY Inspiration: Branch coat rack

DIY branch coat rack - wooden coat rack from a branch! #product_design #furniture_design

Wow! This DIY branch coat rack is an incredible example of repurposing/recycling a natural object for a stunning effect in the home that’s also a really useful piece of furniture design!

The designers have taken a natural branch of the right height and strength to create a floor-to-ceiling coat hanger and bag holder for the home entrance. They have painted the branches white to match the walls, which emphasizes the shape and shadow effects. I would love to have this branch coat rack at my front door!

Is this your image? Let me know and I’ll credit you!

By the way – have you seen the branch coat rack below? It’s made from recycled mangosteen wood and is a great idea for those looking for the above effect but with something a little less permanent (helloooo, renters like me!). You can buy it here and here.

Branch coat rack // wood coat hanger entryway organizer #furniture_design #product_design

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Awesome DIY inspiration: A light up fairy garden tulle maxi dress – DIY light up dress tutorial

Awesome DIY inspiration - a light up fairy garden dress tutorial! #product_design #design_inspiration

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Oh my goodness – would you feast your eyes on this amazing DIY project made by super talented teen Angela Clayton? It’s a light up fairy garden tulle maxi dress with real LED lights inside! Amazing! In fact, Angela has made an entire tutorial of her design and work so that you can also make your own DIY light up dress. Read about it on her blog here.

In part two of the DIY tutorial, Angela shows how she made a bodice to complete the dress.

Awesome DIY inspiration - a light up fairy garden dress tutorial! #product_design #design_inspiration

Images via

Don’t you agree that this project looks incredible? I want a light-up dress now, too!

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Awesome DIY Inspiration: Sew a whale toy from denim jeans

Create this amazing DIY whale soft toy by sewing old denim jeans fabric!

Images by Mevrouw Walvis via

Yes – I have just fallen in love with a stuffed toy whale made from old denim jeans!

You can do amazing things with a creative mind and the ability to see potential in discarded materials – like this whale toy sewn from upcycled denim jeans material. So cute, and so clever! I love how he turned out. This would make a perfect gift just in time for Christmas, requiring little more than a sewing machine, some thread, some pins, an iron and an afternoon (or a few). I am also really impressed how using both the front and the back of the same denim material gives two tones to work with, creating the upper and the lower part of the whale’s body.

This picture has gone viral over the DIY internet sphere and across Pinterest so I think it’s really important to give credit where credit is due. The creative mama behind this wonderful idea is Mevrouw Walvis and she wrote a whole tutorial on how you can make you very own denim whale! The original tutorial is in Finnish here, but she has since made a tutorial in English here too, so make sure you check it out!

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