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DIY Inspiration: How to make rainbow ombre nails

How fun are these rainbow ombre nails? To celebrate the release of Puzzle Wiz, a brand new colour matching game for iPhone and Android, I decided to get my nails done in these delicious shades of red, yellow and blue – just like the tiles on the Puzzle Wiz game. You can easily recreate this Pinterest-perfect look yourself, and you can download the game for free here.

Super fun rainbow ombre nails inspired by Puzzle Wiz colour match game - download now for FREE on iPhone or Android:


Awesome DIY Inspiration: Hanging whisk tea light candle holder votive

Want to know how to make a whisk tea light candle holder? Here’s a fun DIY idea that will take you less than 5 minutes to put together, for maximum visual impact! I made these DIY whisk tea light candle holder votives in collaboration with HelloSociety, as party or wedding inspiration, to celebrate the release of The Hundred Foot Journey movie, and to promote the film all across Pinterest! Not surprisingly, this little project was a huge hit, being the most pinned, most re-pinned, most liked, and most clicked-on pin for any campaign so far!

DIY hanging whisk tea light candle holder votive


Morpha convertible sofa creates a double bed in 3 seconds

This convertible sofa creates a double bed in 3 seconds - brilliant! #product_design

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn

The Morpha Double is a slick 2-seater couch with 2 matching floor cubes which can be ingeniously reconfigured to form a double bed mattress in less than 3 seconds – just perfect for friends who drop by unexpectedly, without compromising aesthetics and living space.

Designed specifically for the Young Designer Furniture Award (YDFA) in November 2008 and sponsored by Dunlop Foams, this ingenious sofa won 2nd place in the competition – and I was happily awarded a cash prize but best of all – I got to keep the couch prototype!

The Young Designer Furniture Award (YDFA) was created in 2007 by Dunlop Foams to promote the discovery and development of new talent in Australian furniture design. The competition was held between the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and saw Alison Page of ABC’s New Inventors judge alongside representatives from Harvey Norman, Dunlop, RMIT and UTS.

PS. Have you seen my Pinterest furniture design inspiration board? Check out this other incredible convertible sofa!

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Food Design: 3 Easy Last Minute Valentines Day Recipes

Looking for last minute Valentines Day recipes that are super cute, easy and simple to make, and fairly healthy to eat, too? These 3 easy last minute Valentines Day Recipes are guaranteed to be a hit, even when you have left it until the eve of February 14 to cook up and make some DIY Valentines ideas in your own kitchen.

If I can make these, so can you!

3 Easy Last Minute Valentines Day Recipes - AWSOME DIY ideas for February 14!


Food Design: How to Make a Pinata Cake

Don’t judge a cake by its cover! Especially not a Piñata cake :)

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

*This post was inspired by Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in collaboration with HelloSociety.

Here are step by step instructions that show you how to make a pinata cake! It’s really so easy, but the effect when you cut it open will impress everyone!

I made this chocolate pinata (or more correctly, piñata) cake especially to celebrate the release of the movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Have you seen the film? It’s good family fun!

The release also happened to coincide with the Australia Day long weekend here in Sydney, so it was great that I could decorate to the theme of the movie and throw a mini Australia-themed Alexander party at home!

Now for the cake – I did tell you it was easy, and I’m not joking.

Super excited for Disney’s 'Alexander’ movie. I’m making a Piñata a la Australia Chocolate cake to celebrate!

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

I simply bought four of my favorite gluten free packet mix chocolate cakes and made four round cakes using an 8-9 inch tin, following the instructions on the back of the packet. Luckily, the frosting also comes in the packet, but you could always just use your favorite chocolate frosting recipe – or even a white butter cream frosting would work here.

Now I’m going to teach you how to make a pinata cake – are you ready to assemble it?


How to make a Piñata cake - Easy step-by-step instructions for a festive ‘Alexander’ inspired dessert! #pinata #pinatacake

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

1. Cut a hole in two of your cakes using something round eg. a ramekin dish as a guide.

2. Place one of your whole uncut cakes on your cake base or stand.

3. Ice around your first cake in a ring-shape (you can use the ramekin dish as a guide again here).

4. Place one of your cut-out cakes on top of the first cake layer.

5. Start filling the hole in the middle with candy (I used Smarties which are a bit like M&Ms – a classic candy that everyone knows from their childhood and loves here in Australia!)

6. Spread icing in a ring-shape around the top of your first cut-out cake.

7. Place your second cut-out cake on top.

8. Fill the hole again with candy until completely full – with Smarties or your favorite candies!

9. Spread icing in a ring-shape around the top of your second cut-out cake.

10. Place your remaining cake on top to “put the lid on” your candy-filled edible piñata.

11. Now its time to completely cover your cake in frosting – so nobody will suspect what you have hidden inside.

12. Perhaps add sprinkles as a final touch – and you are done! Pro decorating tip: You can even use cookie cutters to write a number or word on your cake.

Clever - Use cookie cutters with sprinkles to create a message or write a number on your cake!

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

Now, when it comes time to cut the cake open and serve up your first slice, it will explode everywhere with colorful, sugary goodness, much to everyone’s surprise and delight!

Don’t judge a cake by its cover! Especially not a Piñata cake :) #pinata #pinatacake

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

So that, my friends, is how to make a pinata cake! Happy baking!

For more Alexander-inspired recipe fun, click here.

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