3 Easy Last Minute Valentines Day Recipes - AWSOME DIY ideas for February 14!

Looking for last minute Valentines Day recipes that are super cute, easy and simple to make, and fairly healthy to eat, too? These 3 easy last minute Valentines Day Recipes are guaranteed to be a hit, even when you have left it until the eve of February 14 to cook up and make some DIY Valentines ideas in your own kitchen.

If I can make these, so can you!

1. Watermelon heart fruit salad

Recipe inspiration: Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad by Wit & Whistle

Watermelon heart fruit salad for Valentine's Day - made with a heart-shaped cookie cutter!

2. White chocolate popcorn with heart sprinkles

Recipe inspiration: Valentine’s Popcorn by Gimme Some Oven

White Chocolate Valentine's Day Popcorn with Heart Sprinkles! Last minute Valentines Day recipe ideas

3. Lace heart squeeze bottle pancakes

Recipe inspiration: Lace Heart Pancakes by BiteDelight

Lace heart squeeze bottle pancakes| Easy last minute Valentines Day recipe ideas

PS. *Full posts on each of these with more photos and recipe tips coming soon*

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8 Comments on Food Design: 3 Easy Last Minute Valentines Day Recipes

  1. I saw on Pinterest a Valentine’s Day fruit salad with watermelon, strawberries, raspberries and ???? Not sure what the round white fruit is? Any help would be appreciated. My grand babies are coming to visit over the V day weekend and this would be a perfect dessert or side dish for them and healthy conscious mom will love it as well! Thanks.

    • Hi Claudia – sorry for the late reply! Did you make the salad? The round white fruit are actually fresh lychees that I peeled. I hope you were able to creatively design your own salad last Valentine’s Day weekend? :)

  2. Your Valentines watermelon and strawberry fruit salad looks beautiful, but WHAT ARE THOSE LITTLE WHITE BALLS???? I can’t see that you tell what they are, and it’s making me nuts trying to figure it out. My son said, “Well, maybe tapioca pearls”, and I said that I’d thought of that, but they’re too huge for that. Shiny and perfectly round and perfectly white. WHAT?!

    • Hi Judy! They are fresh lychees that I peeled before adding them to the salad. Rambutan or longan fruit would also work quite well here. Or even melon balls! Hope I’ve solved the mystery for you and your son now! :)

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