Date Night at We Will Rock You Sydney – Musical Review

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Rock on!

The scene is a futuristic iPlanet earth, in a time not to far away from the present, dominated by an evil corporation called GlobalSoft, where there is no longer any free thought or live music, and all that is broadcast is “Internet GaGa” to the masses of youth. What happens when a bunch of outcast rebel Bohemians, seeking the lost legend of rock and live music, go looking for their Rhapsody? We Will Rock You tells the story of new outcasts Galileo Figaro and Scaramouche, and their quest to save Rock and Roll – and thus, the whole world!


The Top Pinterest Accounts to Follow from Australia

Have you ever wondered who the Top Pinterest accounts to follow in Australia are? Like me, I bet you are curious to know! Recently, I was searching for a list of the Top Pinterest accounts to follow from Australia – and I just couldn’t find one. While there are a lot of articles around that tell you the overall best Pinterest accounts to follow by theme, the Top 100 Pinterest users in the world, the most followed Pinterest Accounts, or a list of must-follow Pinterest influencers – none of them were actually location based. I wanted a local list of top Australian pinners (Pinterest users), to see exactly how us Aussies are making use of the popular virtual visual bookmarking platform. I wanted to know – so WHO are the most followed social media influencers on Pinterest from Australia? And where are they hiding?

Top Pinterest accounts to follow in Australia

So *insert drumroll* here they are: The Top 10 Pinterest Accounts to follow in Australia. These are the most followed and most popular Australian Pinterest users who I could find data on:


Awesome Products: Cloud Wall Mural Sky Print

Awesome cloud wall mural! #product_design

Image via

After seeing this image on Pinterest – I now want an AWESOME giant cloud wall mural! You can buy this exact same cloud wall mural right here from Pixers!

Folks who are more inclined to be creative and would like to DIY a similar effect at home could use this image as inspiration – it would be fairly easy to recreate by taking a high resolution photo of a cloud that you like, and then printing it super big. The dramatic design effect is emphasized by high ceilings and the incredible scale of the print.

However, if you are renting and need something a little less permanent on your walls you can check out some very nice alternatives here and here.

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Awesome Products: Sleep Under the Stars with the Cosmos Bed

Saint Petersburg-based designer Natalia Rumyantseva created the Cosmos Bed as a way of letting you take the starry night sky home #product_design

Image via

Imagine taking the starry night sky home to bed with you! Natalia Rumyantseva, a designer from Saint Petersburg, has created a futuristic, egg-shaped sleeping pod called the Cosmos Bed. This amazingly beautiful cocoon-style bed would have you counting stars and falling blissfully asleep in no time. It brings the beauty of the outdoors in, without any nuisances, such as pesky mosquitoes!

The Cosmos Bed not only features a twinkling star light array on the roof of the pod, but also has a built-in audio system that can play either white noise or your favorite tunes, an alarm clock, and an aromatherapy dispenser to release relaxing scents.

I just remember the delight I had as a child, decorating my ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars. I would love the cosmic galaxy effect as I turned out the main lights every evening. This Cosmos Bed is like the adult version of that, only a million times better!

Would you sleep in this super high-tech Cosmos Bed? I think I happily would!

Via FastCo Design

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Morpha convertible sofa creates a double bed in 3 seconds

This convertible sofa creates a double bed in 3 seconds - brilliant! #product_design

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn

The Morpha Double is a slick 2-seater couch with 2 matching floor cubes which can be ingeniously reconfigured to form a double bed mattress in less than 3 seconds – just perfect for friends who drop by unexpectedly, without compromising aesthetics and living space.

Designed specifically for the Young Designer Furniture Award (YDFA) in November 2008 and sponsored by Dunlop Foams, this ingenious sofa won 2nd place in the competition – and I was happily awarded a cash prize but best of all – I got to keep the couch prototype!

The Young Designer Furniture Award (YDFA) was created in 2007 by Dunlop Foams to promote the discovery and development of new talent in Australian furniture design. The competition was held between the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and saw Alison Page of ABC’s New Inventors judge alongside representatives from Harvey Norman, Dunlop, RMIT and UTS.

PS. Have you seen my Pinterest furniture design inspiration board? Check out this other incredible convertible sofa!

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Awesome Products: Regenerative Candle reuses the wax

Regenerative candle // genius! #product_design

Image via

This regenerative candle by designer Benjamin Shine creates a new candle as it melts. What a cool product! It’s appropriately called the Rekindle, and by keeping the wick in place with the specially designed candlestick, this clever lumière can be regenerated up to 12 times to reuse the wax! Sadly, this product is still a prototype not yet in production, but you can sign up for product updates here.

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Awesome Products: Soap Grater Makes Bar Soap Flakes

This is so cool! A soap grater for the perfect amount of soap every time without getting the whole bar messy!! #product_design

Image via

There’s nothing worse than going to wash your hands, and picking up a slimy bar of soap that’s been sitting in a pool of cloudy water. It just doesn’t feel clean. It makes sense that soap bars have been replaced in recent years by the popularity of hand soap and body wash. We can’t deny that hand soap is convenient, pleasant to use, and easy to dispense, however it is watered down and it is neither economically or ecologically beneficial. To bring back the use of bar soap, Designer Nathalie Stämpfli has come up with a soap shaving device – a soap grater if you will – that dispenses fresh flakes every time you wash. This soap grater is attached to the bathroom wall and allows for a simple one-handed push to collect soap flakes.

You can see more of Nathalie Stämpfli’s clever invention here.

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