Awesome Products: Hello… is it tea you’re looking for? Lionel Richie mug

Hello Is It Tea You're Looking For? - Lionel Richie Mug #product_design

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Hello… is it tea you’re looking for? This Lionel Richie mug with make you laugh every time you want to make yourself a cuppa! I’m such a fan of quirky coffee mugs to sip my brew in and make me smile, this one would have to be one of my favorites so far!

You can get your own Lionel Richie masterpiece here.

Even better, you could make your own by drawing on a plain but brightly colored mug with a black paint pen! Who’s with me for a DIY afternoon scribbling on tea cups with old-school Lionel Richie hits playing? Ha!

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Awesome Products: Cloud concrete toilet roll holder

UPDATE: You can now buy the Cloud Concrete Toilet Roll Holder at Gessato!

The minute I saw this design, I was mesmerized. Yes… over a cloud concrete toilet roll holder. The Cloud is a wall mounted storage shelf that has cumulus cloud-shaped scallops that perfectly fit toilet paper rolls. Consumable bathroom supplies normally taking up space in storage can now be displayed with this design.

Concrete cloud-shaped toilet roll holder! Amazing! #product_design


Awesome Products: Pizza sleeping bag

A pizza sleeping bag? Really? Yes. Oh yes. #product_design

A pizza sleeping bag? Really? Yes. Oh yes. #product_design

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This pizza sleeping bag will have you dreaming wood-fired dreams of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. The best part? You can choose your own toppings, with everything from broccoli, to mushrooms and olives. Be the talk of the next sleepover party you attend, and get yours here.

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Awesome Products: Shower Wine Glass Holder

Shower wine glass holder // Is it bath time or wine time - or both?! Genius! So clever... #product_design

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This shower wine glass holder is pure genius, especially when you can’t figure out whether it’s bath time or wine time, now you can have both! Get yours right here.

These Wave Hooks were originally designed to be modular and interchangeable, so you can quickly and easily swap the wine glass holder out for a soda or beer can holder instead, without actually removing the suctions cups from the tiles. Tell your loved ones to buy you one for your birthday!

You’re welcome.

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Food Design: 3 Easy Last Minute Valentines Day Recipes

Looking for last minute Valentines Day recipes that are super cute, easy and simple to make, and fairly healthy to eat, too? These 3 easy last minute Valentines Day Recipes are guaranteed to be a hit, even when you have left it until the eve of February 14 to cook up and make some DIY Valentines ideas in your own kitchen.

If I can make these, so can you!

3 Easy Last Minute Valentines Day Recipes - AWSOME DIY ideas for February 14!


DIY inspiration: Signage with one picture & multiple frames

I love this idea!! So clever, one picture, multiple frames... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 #product_design

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I love this idea!! So clever, one picture & multiple frames… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 for each building floor. This signage for the home for the elderly in Hottingen, Zurich was esigned by Tina Koyama – Stäheli in collaboration with Aline Dallo, Julia Kind, and Kathrin Urban. You can see the project and read the design team’s rationale over on Behance.

I think this way finding signage design is simple, yet utterly brilliant. It makes art out of something usually considered boring, without losing the overall usability. The use of picture frames creates a homely, comforting impression but the number “jumping” from frame to frame creates surprise and visual interest.

This idea has given me some DIY inspiration – I’d like to try in with a monogram letter for my daughter’s room one day. To make it yourself, first buy some matching frames in various sizes, and lay out the design on a big piece of paper. You could either take a giant print out of one letter, or number, and cut it up, spreading it over multiple frames (the low-tech way). Or you could use InDesign or Photoshop to plan out where you will place the number over your layout, and print each piece individually (the high-tech way). You could try this idea with letters, or numbers, or even a big photograph!

I wish I could personally congratulate the design team on their brilliant design.

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Awesome Products: Japanese floating vase looks like a ripple

Japanese Floating Vase #product_design

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Shaped like ripples in the water, this Japanese floating vase allows you to stand a flower upright and float it nonchalantly in the water. This amazing product is simple in concept but brilliant in execution – when in use, it visibly disappears becoming one with the water surface. Simply fill a vessel with water, and float the vase on top with a single flower. The Ripple floating vase was designed by OOdesign Japan and you can purchase your own here.

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Food Design: How to Make a Pinata Cake

Don’t judge a cake by its cover! Especially not a Piñata cake :)

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

*This post was inspired by Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in collaboration with HelloSociety.

Here are step by step instructions that show you how to make a pinata cake! It’s really so easy, but the effect when you cut it open will impress everyone!

I made this chocolate pinata (or more correctly, piñata) cake especially to celebrate the release of the movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Have you seen the film? It’s good family fun!

The release also happened to coincide with the Australia Day long weekend here in Sydney, so it was great that I could decorate to the theme of the movie and throw a mini Australia-themed Alexander party at home!

Now for the cake – I did tell you it was easy, and I’m not joking.

Super excited for Disney’s 'Alexander’ movie. I’m making a Piñata a la Australia Chocolate cake to celebrate!

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

I simply bought four of my favorite gluten free packet mix chocolate cakes and made four round cakes using an 8-9 inch tin, following the instructions on the back of the packet. Luckily, the frosting also comes in the packet, but you could always just use your favorite chocolate frosting recipe – or even a white butter cream frosting would work here.

Now I’m going to teach you how to make a pinata cake – are you ready to assemble it?


How to make a Piñata cake - Easy step-by-step instructions for a festive ‘Alexander’ inspired dessert! #pinata #pinatacake

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

1. Cut a hole in two of your cakes using something round eg. a ramekin dish as a guide.

2. Place one of your whole uncut cakes on your cake base or stand.

3. Ice around your first cake in a ring-shape (you can use the ramekin dish as a guide again here).

4. Place one of your cut-out cakes on top of the first cake layer.

5. Start filling the hole in the middle with candy (I used Smarties which are a bit like M&Ms – a classic candy that everyone knows from their childhood and loves here in Australia!)

6. Spread icing in a ring-shape around the top of your first cut-out cake.

7. Place your second cut-out cake on top.

8. Fill the hole again with candy until completely full – with Smarties or your favorite candies!

9. Spread icing in a ring-shape around the top of your second cut-out cake.

10. Place your remaining cake on top to “put the lid on” your candy-filled edible piñata.

11. Now its time to completely cover your cake in frosting – so nobody will suspect what you have hidden inside.

12. Perhaps add sprinkles as a final touch – and you are done! Pro decorating tip: You can even use cookie cutters to write a number or word on your cake.

Clever - Use cookie cutters with sprinkles to create a message or write a number on your cake!

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

Now, when it comes time to cut the cake open and serve up your first slice, it will explode everywhere with colorful, sugary goodness, much to everyone’s surprise and delight!

Don’t judge a cake by its cover! Especially not a Piñata cake :) #pinata #pinatacake

Image by Jessica Lea Dunn via

So that, my friends, is how to make a pinata cake! Happy baking!

For more Alexander-inspired recipe fun, click here.

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Awesome Products: Sectioned fry pan can cook 3 dishes at once!

Sectioned fry pan... yes please! NEED this divided skillet! #product_design

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You know when it’s just you, and maybe your partner, at home and you want to cook a balanced meal with side dishes, but you end up using sooo many extra pans unnecessarily? Of course the Japanese have come up with a solution for this – a sectioned fry pan that lets you cook 3 different dishes at once! Since the original site is in Japanese I’m not entirely sure what the official name of this product is but it could also be called a divided skillet.

This is such an amazing design, isn’t it? Folks in the USA can buy something very similar right here.

Sectioned fry pan... yes please! NEED this divided skillet! #product_design

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Are you imagining what you could cook up in this right now? It would also be a great solution to keep vegetarian and vegetable side dishes separate from the meat.

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Awesome Products: Send your enemies glitter anonymously in the mail!

Send your enemies glitter anonymously in the mail! #genius #lol #prank #product_design

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There is a new site that will anonymously send your enemies glitter in the mail!

Covered by every major news channel around the globe, a new product has taken the world by (glittery) storm within the space of a few days. The ultimate tool for revenge and trolling, you can now anonymously send your foes an envelope filled with glitter, and according to Ship Your Enemies Glitter, your unlucky recipient will be “finding that shit everywhere for weeks.”

According to the website founder Mat Carpenter (who also writes the Sofa Moolah blog), glitter is “the herpes of the craft world” and “that shit gets everywhere”. There is something equal parts delightful and evil about the whole creative concept, not to mention, the copy is brilliant, which is why it has captured the imagination of the entire world in just a few days. We all have enemies, and we all have a love-hate relationship with glitter. And we all know at least one person who deserves some beautifully spiteful, infuriatingly annoying, yet mostly harmless revenge – that we could dish out without being found out. This business concept has completely and utterly nailed it.

After receiving orders in the thousands and making revenue well over AUD $20,000 and counting, the 22-year-old Aussie entrepreneur and creative genius behind the website was forced to stop taking orders, since it was just meant to be a joke and a side project that he was messing around with while still on holidays. To give you an idea of the speed that the website went viral, the domain name was only registered on 31st December 2014 and is now set to be sold for over USD $70,000 a mere 3 weeks later.

Since glitter mail sales have been paused on the Ship Your Enemies Glitter site and the business is now up sale on Flippa, one competitor website (among many) has sprung up to the challenge of sending glittery hate mail. You can actually send your enemies glitter here.

UPDATE: The website sold for USD $85,000. Not a bad way to make a year’s salary in less than a month. That’s like winning the internet lottery!

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