Awesome Products: Pixel Waffle Maker lets you customize a message

Awesome Products: The Pixel Waffle Maker #product_design

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How clever is this? A Pixel Waffle Maker that allows you to create your own designs, letters and messages on your waffles by pushing down individual “pixels”. Great for personalizing breakfasts and desserts, its a throw back to the 8-bit graphics of the past. The waffle maker features an easy-to-clean 9 x 9 pixel silicone tray which you can customize to your heart’s content – as much as is possible with such a low-res canvas. But I honestly wonder who won’t simply push all the pixels down for maximum syrup storage!

You can follow along with the product development, check out the latest photos, and see if this awesome concept will make it to market soon! I certainly hope so.

x Jess

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Free Printable: Be a Lighthouse Not a Lifebuoy

Free Printable: Be a Lighthouse not a Lifebuoy by Jessica Lea Dunn | quote wall art

Be a lighthouse, not a lifebuoy – Jessica Lea Dunn | original quote, October 8th, 2014

It means… be a leader and a beacon of light for others to follow, not a rescuer jumping into the water after them. A message of love, a reminder to myself and an affirmation for you.

To download: Just click on the picture above, which will open up to the full size image in a new window. Right click on this image, choose “Save image as” and you too can have this 8 inch by 10 inch high-quality image to print and frame at home. It is my little gift to you this week!

Why? This week has been a week of healing for me. Of quiet time away from the city, of paddling and splashing in shallow ocean water, pottering about the backyard and lunches out with family. I have also finally had a chance to visit my favourite Naturopath on Tuesday, and a chiropractor for the first time on Wednesday. One of the big lessons (and there were a few) for me during my chiropractic consultation was to stop being a rescuer of everybody and everybody else’s hearts, as it is severely draining my energy – and has been for a long time. You see, I need to learn to empower people to save themselves as opposed to being the one jumping into the murky water to save them. Instead of being the hero, I need to focus on being a leader and a beacon of light so that they can find their own inner strength. And by doing that, I need to also re-balance my energy so that the focus can return to nurturing myself and my immediate family, and listening to my own inner voice and heart guidance.

Who was/am I trying to save? I could easily make a list on more than two hands. It includes both people from the past – lovers and friends as far back as 2007 and beyond – right up until this very moment. It will take time and attention to change the pattern, but since it a pattern that’s not serving my greater good anymore, I need to release it. And I’m not allowed to feel selfish or guilty for doing so!

So – completely inspired by this life lesson yesterday, I created this quote wall art so I can remember. If the message resonates – it’s for you, too. As soon as I get home from my coastal break, I’m going to print it out, frame it and hang it somewhere where I’ll see it everyday!

x Jess

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UPDATE: The font I used is Canter from Font Fabric – isn’t it grand? And it’s free!

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Design Crush : R.M. Williams Bed Linen

R.M. Williams branch into bed linen and homewares // I love this quilt cover!

On Sunday I popped into Myer for something completely unrelated, but I found myself in the bedding section with eyes wide open in front of this beautiful doona quilt cover, designed by none other than iconic Australian brand R.M. Williams. You almost wouldn’t believe that the brand famous for boots and sophisticated country style has branched into homewares, but there you go. And what a fine design debut! In my opinion, the standout piece is this gorgeous Flowerdale quilt cover, featuring a floral motif inspired by a journey from the bush to the coast. While I’m not usually a fan of kitsch Australiana, I am a huge fan of this! It is an on-trend design printed on the highest-quality cotton exhibiting both subtlety and boldness by combining neon and neutral elements, modern with an almost bohemian edge. Time to makeover my bedroom, methinks. Love!

x Jess

R.M. Williams branch into bed linen and homewares // I love this quilt cover!

Today has been cancelled. Go back to bed.

Today has been cancelled. Go back to bed.

Sometimes – you just have days like this.

Like the time you slept in too late on a gorgeously sunny Sunday, jump on the train to the city with the intention of hopping on a ferry to the beach, only to realize that the entire rest of the city also slept in and had the exact same idea as you – and you will have to wait for 1.5 hours in line before there’s a place on a ferry for you. And you think… nope. No beach for me today. Mission aborted.

Is this your image? Let me know and I’ll credit it!

Awesome Products: This grocery backpack is my new favourite bag!

I was just saying to my hubby Antok a few weeks ago that somebody should design a backpack with multiple stacked layers, basically, separate layered compartments with zippers, so I don’t have to rummage at the bottom of my bag for random things all the time. And, it would be so handy to be able to put the heavy things in the bottom, while the lighter things and the things I need quick access to (like drink bottles) stay at the top. So, I couldn’t believe it when I saw this perfect grocery backpack on Pinterest the other day!

Grocery backpack! With compartments to divide things, so easy to carry. Brilliant! Love! #product_design

GENIUS - layered section backpack lets you pack heavy stuff at the bottom and lighter stuff at the top - saves rummaging and re-packing! Betabrand

A GROCERY backpack! With four compartments to divide things, it would be so easy to carry to the markets. Brilliant, I thought! I simply love this!

The CORNUCOPIA bag by Betabrand is sheer GENIUS in grocery backpack format. It’s is exactly like I was imagining – a layered section backpack that lets you pack heavy stuff at the bottom and lighter stuff at the top – saving rummaging and re-packing!

I’m so glad that somebody invented this amazing grocery backpack. I got so excited, that I was all like “Shut UP and TAKE MY MONEY!”  and bought one right away! That rarely happens… usually I save all the ideas of things I want to buy on my Wishlist or Product Design board for later deliberation. But once in a while – my heart and my head just scream “Yes!”

While the bag that caught my eye is the mustard one, I actually bought the more conservative charcoal colorway, as the neutral tone will suit my style better.

Grocery backpack! With compartments to divide things, so easy to carry. Brilliant! Love! #product_design

Grocery backpack! With compartments to divide things, so easy to carry. Brilliant! Love! #product_design

Grocery backpack! With compartments to divide things, so easy to carry. Brilliant! Love! #product_design

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It also comes in a brand new tricolor combination, which I absolutely LOVE as well… but then went for the trusty charcoal anyway. Yeah – that’s so like me. But I have enough color in my life…

Grocery backpack! With compartments to divide things, so easy to carry. Brilliant! Love! #product_design

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I just received the email this afternoon to tell me that my new backpack is on it’s way, all the way from the US to the sunny shores of Australia. Oh – and I can’t wait! It’ll be like Christmas in September.

x Jess



How do I price my product? The ultimate product pricing formula for designers and makers

The ultimate formula for product pricing for designers and makers

This morning, I was SO inspired listening to the most recent podcast of Elise Gets Crafty by the incredibly talented Elise Joy, that I decided to make an infographic summarizing the one main point from the episode that made light bulbs start flashing in my head. This is the kind of MBA-quality wisdom you usually would have to pay big dollars for in consulting fees. You can listen to the full episode on iTunes here or stream it from your computer here. Just look for Episode 28 featuring an interview with Tara Gentile.

While I was at university studying Industrial (Product) Design… I would have loved for somebody to present me with this simple chart and formula to show me how product pricing actually has to work in the real world of business. So I made one myself right now!

Enjoy, use, and share!

x Jess

Pinterest : A heartfelt thank you to my followers


You may have noticed I have a bit of a passion for (ahem, addiction to) Pinterest!

I would like to give a big shout out to all my Pinterest followers! You are amazing!

Thank you so much for following me, I am so grateful. I hope I can continue to inspire you with beautiful images for a very long time to come.

If you would like to contact me, just pop over to my About page to find out how!

Otherwise, just follow me on Pinterest!

x Jess

Product Hacks : Lego men to hold your cables

Best LEGO hack DIY idea ever!! #product_design

This is quite possibly the best product and/or life hack I have ever seen – using LEGO men – ahem, LEGO people, to hold your stray cables and prevent them from falling from the desk after you unplug your device. I am SO doing this! Now, where is my childhood LEGO set?

If you can’t find any little LEGO men around the house to make this DIY, you can always buy little packs of figurines from Amazon. The best way to stick your LEGO to the furniture is to use Sugru – a mouldable synthetic rubber that can be used to repair and customise objects.

I would love to know who thought up this brilliant idea – if you know the original source of the image, please leave a comment below!

UPDATE: I have since stumbled across the source of this picture and information, you can read more about the Sugru vs. LEGO hack over here.

Disclaimer: Amazon links are affiliate.

x Jess

Awesome Products: The Sexy iPhone 6 design

iPhone 6 #product_design #industrial_design

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Excuse me for a moment while I present to you – this.

Look at those sexy curves, that slim body, that rose gold glow of the latest iPhone 6 design.

Who would have thought a piece of electronics could cause such lust?

But there you go – it is every product designer and industrial designer’s dream to create a product that is so desirable on so many levels that it is no longer just about the physical product that you hold in your hand but about the whole experience, from the out-of-box, to the surprise and delight discovered when in use.

Buy it for a good price here.

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