Best LEGO hack DIY idea ever!! #product_design

This is quite possibly the best product and/or life hack I have ever seen – using LEGO men – ahem, LEGO people, to hold your stray cables and prevent them from falling from the desk after you unplug your device. I am SO doing this! Now, where is my childhood LEGO set?

If you can’t find any little LEGO men around the house to make this DIY, you can always buy little packs of figurines from Amazon. The best way to stick your LEGO to the furniture is to use Sugru – a mouldable synthetic rubber that can be used to repair and customise objects.

I would love to know who thought up this brilliant idea – if you know the original source of the image, please leave a comment below!

UPDATE: I have since stumbled across the source of this picture and information, you can read more about the Sugru vs. LEGO hack over here.

Disclaimer: Amazon links are affiliate.

x Jess

5 comments on “Product Hacks : Lego men to hold your cables”

  1. great idea!
    maybe the new way to make legos, they are doing with less product, because I couldn’t do it yet!
    the wire is more huge than the littles yellow hands!
    happy day!

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