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Awesome DIY Inspiration: Hanging whisk tea light candle holder votive

Want to know how to make a whisk tea light candle holder? Here’s a fun DIY idea that will take you less than 5 minutes to put together, for maximum visual impact! I made these DIY whisk tea light candle holder votives in collaboration with HelloSociety, as party or wedding inspiration, to celebrate the release of The Hundred Foot Journey movie, and to promote the film all across Pinterest! Not surprisingly, this little project was a huge hit, being the most pinned, most re-pinned, most liked, and most clicked-on pin for any campaign so far!

DIY hanging whisk tea light candle holder votive


Awesome Products : Microfibre house slippers that dust, sweep and polish as you walk

Microfibre slippers that dust, sweep and polish as you walk! Genius! | via A Designer Life

These must be the most brilliant products ever invented for lazy housekeepers or busy mamas like myself who simply don’t have hours to dust, sweet and polish the floors. Microfibre house slippers that dust, sweep and polish as you walk. Genius, am I right?

To be honest I didn’t think they were a real product until I saw these on Amazon. I thought that these were surely an example of Japanese Chindogu, of crazy, un-useless, yet noncommercial inventions.

I can see myself popping these babies on, turning the music up,  and waltzing around the kitchen, doing a blitz of cleaning while burning up calories dancing.

The come in a hot pink and a lime green (as well as other colors) with removable pads that have little microfiber fingers that catch hair, dust and dirt. This super clever footwear are supposed to be able to clean faster, easier and better, because the slippers can go where mops cannot reach, obviously. And they are way more fun than using a dull old mop, duh!

Here are a few other features:

  • A velcro pad that attaches/detaches the cleaning cloth from the slipper
  • No hard edges, so they are safe to use on all floor surfaces including wood, tile, vinyl
  • Machine washable; for use on dry floors only

The manufacturer says that one size fits most, but I wonder if they make them in kid sizes, so that the whole family can help out while having a dance party at home?!

You can pop over to Amazon and get a pair for yourself… or as a gift for your partner who needs a not-so-subtle hint to help out a bit more around the house.

x Jess

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