How to have the BEST Mother's Day EVER | via A Designer Life

It’s been a year and a little bit since I became a mother, and oh what a journey it has been. On this beautiful Sunday, it is time to reflect upon the amazing sacrifices our own mothers made for us, so that we may not only survive in this world, but to grow and thrive. It’s only since I have birthed my first child, that I truly feel as if I understand the significance of this day, and the importance of recognizing the incredible (and often invisible) work that mother’s across the globe do.

On that note – I’d like to say, to all the amazing mothers, everywhere, that:



“You are doing the very best you can with the resources that you have. I know you are.”

These are words that I really need to hear myself. Not just today, but every single day.

So, beautiful mama, how can you have the best Mother’s Day EVER? What should you do?

The secret is…

You don’t have to DO anything. You just have to BE.

By JUST BEING YOU, whoever you are, wherever you are in the world.

When you just BE, let it go and let it BE, the truly wonderful mama that you are will have a chance to shine through. No matter how many times you woke up last night, how many crumbs are on the bench, how many dishes in the sink, how many dirty clothes in the laundry, and how many toys on the floor.

Just breathe, breathe in deeply, let it out, and know that what you are doing matters. It is the most important job in the world. A gift to humanity.

So this Mother’s Day – it’s important to indulge in a little self care:

  • Don’t do any housework – it will wait until tomorrow
  • Don’t cook dinner – order takeaway or get someone else to cook
  • Take time to reflect – on who you are, your journey, your story, how incredibly significant you are – even if it’s just ten minutes of quiet time
  • Pour yourself a cup of tea and sit in the sunshine

And – just in case anyone wants to know what the perfect Mother’s Day gift list looks like for the BEST Mother’s Day EVER? Well…

An uninterrupted night’s sleep, a leisurely long sleep in, breakfast in bed, a back massage, a few fresh blooms and a piping hot cup of tea would be very much appreciated on this Mother’s Day. None of has to cost any money – but I know that these things would make my Mother’s Day the best one ever. Spouses take note!

So, on this beautiful Sunday in May, I wish all mamas a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

x Jess