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The 3 best ways to decorate with strawberries as a garnish

I love these three fantastic ideas to make with strawberries – this is food design at it’s very finest! Perhaps you too will be as inspired as I was when I first saw these ideas on the Blue Apron blog. The best thing is – that all three are really simple to do! Those who know me will appreciate that I am definitely no chef, but I’m sure I could pull these off with not too much trouble.

1. Strawberry Roses on Panna Cotta

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These strawberry roses are going to be the highlight of any dessert! Impress your dinner guests and provide a fresh burst of flavor at the same time. They look so good, I want to eat them right off my computer screen.

2. Strawberry Santa Hats on Brownie Cupcakes

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This is a perfect Christmas idea to bookmark for when you have some plain cupcake mix to use up and a punnet full of fresh strawberries. Cream and white chocolate make the perfect fur trim for these little Santa hats!

3. Strawberry Hearts on Nutella Poptarts

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Nothing is cuter than hearts – and nothing is more delicious than Nutella-filled anything! This gorgeous idea can be used to create a very adult dish from a nostalgic favorite.

So – which one are you going to make first?

x Jess