And here we find ourselves, frolicking through the second week of 2014 and nearly tripping head-first into the third, all from a mixture of road-tripping home from the Hunter Valley, sleep-deprivation, giddy New Years resolution-breaking, spending blissful long days with Nanny and Poppy visiting, little drives in Poppy’s truck to seek barista-made coffee, a walk up to Bunnings, a house full of chatter, a fridge full of veggies and spaghetti bolognase sauce, bookcase-moving and baby-gate installation. Oh yes, it’s a hive of activity around here!

Did I mention lack of sleep? Oh, that ol’ gripe again? Sleep has been a contentious issue around these parts this week. That is, not so much the lack of it (that too), but more the lack of continuity of it. And the preferred location of it. You see, Alira does not wish to sleep in her brand-new beautiful white wood cot with lovingly laundered vintage sheets. Despite our keenest efforts. No, no. She’ll take the biggest bed in the house, thanks. You’re welcome. I’m thinking I’ll have to invest in a spy-cam for nap-times to make sure there’s no mischief going on behind closed doors, in the absence of using a cot. A story for another day! So it is only fitting, now, that my 2/52 photo is of a peacefully napping infant.

For those of you curious about The 52 Project, I am joining in with Jodi of Practicing Simplicity. Pop over to her beautiful online space with a cup of herbal tea, and perhaps you will be inspired, too.


“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014.”

/ taken on 9th January, nap time is fleeting, and precious. Here she is on Mama and Daddy’s bed for an afternoon rest, on a day that’s an unusual cool snap for the middle of the Australian summer. She wears a very special hand-knitted jumper from Czech and striped tights from Marquise. Nanny and Poppy nicknamed it the “Where’s Wally” outfit. Taken with an iPhone 5, it’s true, the camera you have with you.

x Jess

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