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Awesome Products: This grocery backpack is my new favourite bag!

I was just saying to my hubby Antok a few weeks ago that somebody should design a backpack with multiple stacked layers, basically, separate layered compartments with zippers, so I don’t have to rummage at the bottom of my bag for random things all the time. And, it would be so handy to be able to put the heavy things in the bottom, while the lighter things and the things I need quick access to (like drink bottles) stay at the top. So, I couldn’t believe it when I saw this perfect grocery backpack on Pinterest the other day!

A GROCERY backpack! With four compartments to divide things, it would be so easy to carry to the markets. Brilliant, I thought! I simply love this!

The CORNUCOPIA bag by Betabrand is sheer GENIUS in grocery backpack format. It’s is exactly like I was imagining – a layered section backpack that lets you pack heavy stuff at the bottom and lighter stuff at the top – saving rummaging and re-packing!

I’m so glad that somebody invented this amazing grocery backpack. I got so excited, that I was all like “Shut UP and TAKE MY MONEY!”  and bought one right away! That rarely happens… usually I save all the ideas of things I want to buy on my Wishlist or Product Design board for later deliberation. But once in a while – my heart and my head just scream “Yes!”

While the bag that caught my eye is the mustard one, I actually bought the more conservative charcoal colorway, as the neutral tone will suit my style better.

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It also comes in a brand new tricolor combination, which I absolutely LOVE as well… but then went for the trusty charcoal anyway. Yeah – that’s so like me. But I have enough color in my life…

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I just received the email this afternoon to tell me that my new backpack is on it’s way, all the way from the US to the sunny shores of Australia. Oh – and I can’t wait! It’ll be like Christmas in September.

x Jess