A Designer Life

Today I am grateful for…

I’ve been reading some other blogs lately, and one theme that keeps coming up is being grateful, giving thanks for the simple things, giving up on the bad habit of complaining, and not taking your blessing for granted. In light of this, today I thought about a list of things that I am truly grateful for! According to some beliefs, there is a universal law that basically states that “abundance comes to those who are already abundant”. So I think it is good practice to think about and feel and share the existing abundance in my life, so that more rushes in.

So, today I am grateful for:

1. Hot water, either running from the tap, or in a bucket! Yesterday the pilot light on the gas heating went out, so we had no hot water for a shower this morning… brrr… chilly. So we bathed Indonesia-style, boiling the kettle and pouring it in a bucket, diluting with cold water from the tap, and using the smallest saucepan we could find in the kitchen cupboard to pour water over ourselves! Oh yes, I am grateful for hot water.

2. Sunshine and blue skies! What a gorgeous day today!

3. Fresh sheets to snuggle into.

4. A husband to warm my cold feet on.

5. Being lucky enough to live in a place that is easy to clean.

6. Having a good camera repair-shop not so far away from my house, so I can go and get my poor dSLR lens fixed.

7. High ceilings with room to breathe.

8. A breeze that blew all the clouds away.

9. Lots of beautiful clothes to choose from to wear today, and all this week.

10. Owning a washing machine – some women don’t have that luxury.

11. Freedom of expression.

12. My wonderful laptop.

13. My dearest extended family & gorgeous friends.

14. An exciting week planned ahead, with guest talks, events, catch ups, and *gasp!*… vintage shopping!

15. The rest of Sunday afternoon & evening to enjoy.