Welcome to A Designer Life [dot] net. Why name my blog as such? Well, I am a designer. And this is a snapshot of my life, a “lifestream” if you wish.

However, I believe that anyone can have a designer life. I believe that we all have the ability to create & cultivate a wonderful world and experience the kind of life that we want and to make beautiful and useful things for ourselves and others – this is not only for me, or anyone else called a “designer”.

This is my third blog. My first blog was about living as an exchange student in Indonesia – an experience that changed my life. My second blog was about Design for Empowerment – a powerful personal philosophy that colours, inspires and motivates my work as a designer. I hope that this third blog will be a little bit of everything, a side project for me, that opens the world up to some little slices of delight for the writer/photographer/designer and gentle reader alike.

May you enjoy.